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 Information for international shipping method
 TF Neo body's measurements
 Bluefairy's offline shop
 What is your exchange policy on lost or damaged parts?
 How do you assemble PF dolls?
 I want to know about the café Bluefairy.(closed 05-2014)
 I found the white rope in the box, what is it for?
 What are the measurements of Shiny Fairy?
 Bluefairy Full Body exchange After Service Information
 Can you mark the package as gift with a lower price? business days and hours
 How can I track my EMS shipping status?
 About typographical errors, inaccuracies and colors
 Can I use the images from the official Bluefairy website?
 I live in a foreign country but is it possible to order from
 When do you restock your products?
 When do I have to make the payment?
 After I made my purchase is it possible to exchange or get a refund?
 What is your free of charge exchange policy?
 What is your Paid exchange policy?
 Is there any skin tone difference when exchanging doll parts?
 What is your refund policy?
 What is your shipping method and when is the shipping date for my order?
 Can I receive my order in a specific date?
 My order is not shipped yet and I would like to place another order. Can I receive them together?
 Can I change the type of doll in my order to another one?
 Is it possible to change some aspects of the default doll set?
 What are the BF, TF, SF, Jr. and PF measurements?
 Are Bluefairy dolls compatible with dolls from other companies?
 How do you assemble TF and PF dolls?
 My doll has scratches in some parts of its body, is it really a new doll?
 My doll has visible lines in some parts of its body, is it damaged?
 The face make up of my doll got damaged. Is it possible to receive a new make up service?
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