Title  What is your Paid exchange policy?
Paid exchange applies to the following criterias:

::: Exchange request received after 5 days since the arrival of your doll/dolls :::
::: Internet customer database unverified orders :::
::: Exchange order request that does not have the product in hand due to lost:::
::: Damaged goods due to the customer' s customization:::
::: Damages caused by customer' s fault:::

- Exchange request that does not fit our damage criteria will be eligible for paid exchanges only.
Fees apply for paid exchanges and the exchanged product you receive may have discrepancy from the previous one you had -

If you would like to apply for a paid exchange, please let us know and we will evaluate your situation and inform you of our decision.

- We do not accept return packages without prior notice to us nor to any request that does not meet our exchange criteria -

-When returning your item to our Korean office address, please use trackable shipping method.
(We are not responsible for any lost items that are sent to us via regular mail service)

Our return address is:

2F, 705-36, Bongduk-dong, Nam-gu, Daegu, South Korea
TEL 82-53-474-0809 FAX 82-53-475-0809
E-mail :
Attn: International Returns

- Bluefairy AS format is under preparation -
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