Title  Bluefairy Full Body exchange After Service Information
We would like to inform you the start of our new Full Body exchange After Service program.

This program is for customers who want to exchange their dolls for the following reasons: damaged dolls, customization failure, yellowing due to time or difference in doll skin tone.

We came up with this program to compensate the support our customers showed us over the year.

This new program is more economic then our regular parts exchange and Bluefairy is willing to lower the cost on its own expense.

This service is a one to one exchange and all parts must be complete to be eligible. If you've lost some part for your doll and would like to apply for the program, you'll be responsible for some additional parts fee.

Full Body exchange After Service Information

※ One to one exchange of a head + body combination set

※ You won't be eligible for this program if you want to exchange only the head or the body. In such case, you'll have to request for partial AS service and additional fees may be involved.

※ For Full Body exchange, preparation days will be calculated starting from the day we receive your doll after the complete payment. It's going to take 5 to 12 business days to prepare your doll. Depending on the availability of the stock, there could be differences in preparation days.

※ Make up will be done as the current default Bluefairy make up.

Cost Information

■ TF Full Body exchange AS cost : $ 168

■ TF Full Body exchange with make up AS cost : $ 198

※ You can upgrade the body type to Dandy or Blossom for the cost of 10$ additional fee.

■ PF Full Body exchange AS cost : $ 118

■ PF Full Body exchange with make up AS cost: $ 138

■ Additional shipping fees apply

※ Shipping fee will be different according to the region of your residence so please consult us prior to requesting AS.

Please note that the AS exchange price above includes the cost of new tension cord, s-hooks, assembly service.

When returning your doll, please send it safely packed in a box with padded cushions.

Please keep in mind that we won't be responsible for any items you send us that weren't part of the original doll-ex) wigs, accessories, outfit.etc.

Thank you for your kind interest and support. Bluefairy will continue to do our best to give the best service to our customers.

I'll always be here for you - Bluefairy
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