Title  What is your exchange policy on lost or damaged parts?
What is your exchange policy on lost or damaged parts?

Exchange request from customer > return product > BF evaluation > exchange/return fee request > send exchange notice to customer > payment receipt> lost or damaged parts exchange > re shipment

Explain to us in detail the condition of your item on our Q & A board, e-mail( or by phone.

Once we are notified, we will request you to send us your item to the address below using trackable shipping method. (We are not responsible for any lost items that are sent to us via regular mail service)

Our return address is:

Bluefairy International
2F, 705-36, Bongduk-dong, Nam-gu, Daegu, South Korea
TEL 82-53-474-0809
FAX 82-53-475-0809

Attn: International Returns

After the evaluation of your doll we will ask for the appropriate exchange/shipping fees.

The doll/dolls you sent will be held on temporary custody if we do not receive your payment within the 5 business days.

- Please send us the entire doll including the damaged parts or with a lost part -
- We will ship the doll with the new replacement parts only. Damaged parts are not sent back to you -
- A replacement parts can be purchased in case you have lost your parts -

Replacement or lost part prices are set separately.

We do not sell optional body parts that are not listed on our website.
Consult us on our Q & A board or by phone prior to making purchase payment for any necessary parts.

Please keep in mind that we do not accept exchange request that does not fit our exchange criteria and policy.

- Bluefairy AS format is under prepartion --

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