Title  Information for international shipping method

Bluefairy offers 2 options for shipping. There are pros and cons for each so you can choose it in your preference.

1. EMS
Delivery through post office.
It can deliver from small and light product to large and heavy product.
It is the quickest and safest way to deliver and usually arrives in a week.
EMS offers a tracking number for customers to track their package.
The cost is estimated by every 500g in weight.
This could be somewhat costly, but is also the safest way to deliver.

Delivery through post office.
For it has limitation on size and weight, it can only deliver products under the size Pocket Fairy, and 2kg in weight.
The delivery date in between about 10 days and 15 days so it takes longer than EMS.
It also has the tracking number, however sometimes it could be not trackable for the post office's condition.
The cost is estimated by every 100g in weight.
It is more cost-efficient than EMS. (About one-third from EMS)
It might take some time, but customer can use the overseas delivery with lower cost.

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