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Title  Pre-order for March (+TF limited type)
Dear customers,

Please be informed of the Monthly Order for March as below:

We have heard a lot of feedbacks from customers that they have to wait too long to order the types they want due to the limited available types of each month. After careful consideration, we have decided that we are going to open all the types available for this March order only.

All ordinary sales types with all sizes including BF, TF, SF and PF will be available regardless of the available month. (EXCLUDING limited types)

Please note that we have new skin color, Snow White Skin available for all orders from this month. Also, new body type for Tiny Fairy, Beauty body, will be released, as well. It has more sophisticated body line than existing girl body's.

In addition, please note that as a part of March Pre-order event, the limited types of Tiny Fairy will be available. Please refer to the Pre-order category

** order period
MAR 6th(MON)11AM ~ MAR 10th(FRI)5PM.

Please let us know through Q&A board if you have any questions regarding this. We appreciate your continued love and support to Bluefairy.

Thank you and have a lovely day!
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