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Title  Shipment Delay of May Monthly pre-order & Baked Choice order

Dear customers,

Please be informed of the shipment delay of May Monthly pre-order & Baked Choice order as follow:

Firstly, we apologize for another delay notice after the March order's. Despite all the efforts to process everything on time, it has been delayed agian due to huge volume of orders from customers. As a result of the delay of March order, all the other orders after March order have been also delayed. To prevent any more delay, we have hired more staffs, but we have to report this another delay and deeply sorry for the long waiting.

Delayed orders announcing now is for the no make-up orders of May, but please note the make-up orders might also be delayed, as well. In this case, we will announce about it again. We target to finsh the shipment of no make-up orders within July.

Also, please note the shipment of March order will be finished within next week.

We apologize again for the shipment delay. And your kind understanding will be very much appreciated.

Thank you and have a lovely day!

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