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Title  New shipping method of international shipment

Dear customers,

Thank you all for the continued love and support to Bluefairy.

We are happy to announce new international shipment system that many customers have requested. We have researched and discussed about new method of international shipment for the customers who have hesitated to order small items due to the expensive shipping fee. In the result of the discussion, we have decided to use an inexpensive shipment system called, "K-packet". K-packet is also operated by post office, but has much lower shipping fee than that of EMS. The lowest shipping fee of K-packet is $5 and the highest fee is $35. However, there are some limitation of using K-packet. Please refer to below for using K-packet:

- Please note that certain areas are not available for this system.
- Size Limit: Only available for smaller items than PF doll (Not Available for SF, TF and BF doll)
- Weight Limit: Available until 2kg. Any items over 2kg are not allowed to use this system, even though it is a small size item.
- Shipment Period: It will be longer than EMS. Normally, EMS finishes its shipment within 1 week, but K-packet may need longer than 2 weeks. Also, tracking is available but it might not be as accurate as the EMS. Some of countries do not provide the tracking system for the K-packet. Thus, if any customers care about the any loss or damages of the parcels, we recommend using the EMS system.

We hope this new shipment system will help your shopping for Bluefairy. This might be a good option for small items such as shoes, wig or outfits. Please feel free to contact us through Q&A board or E-mail if you have any inquiries on the K-packet.

Thank you and have a lovely days!

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