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Title  Detail information of a last order and monthly order

Dear customers,
Thank you for visiting Bluefairy.

Please be informed that we will have some changes in the Bluefairy's monthly order from APRIL.

The BF size dolls will not be available for the monthly order any more and, some types of the other size dolls will be excluded from the monthly order, either.

For Diana, Lunar and Henry of BF doll, since we have planned their head renewal, this March order will be the last order for the current mold. Please inform the customers who love the current mold not to miss this last chance.

The BF size dolls and the head types to be excluded will be available only as a LIMITED EDITION from April. So, like the above BF dolls to be renewed, this will be the last regular order chance for the types to be excluded, as well.

Please refer to available types for this March order as following:

BF : Daniel
TF : Olive, Louis, Denis
SF : Minoru, Clare, Ellie
PF : Noma, Taro, Roa

BF : Diana, Alice, Lunar, Daniel, Henry
TF : Jerome, Tommy, Niky
SF : Clare, Ellie, Linus, Shirley
PF : Peter, Kitty, Taro, Roel

Also, please note that the head types of each month will be changed FROM APRIL.

As noted above, we won't take BF size order any more for a regular order and the each doll types which was available 3 times a year to be available 4 times a year. Please refer to the available head type list of the month as below:

TF : May, Emilie, Sarang, Kyle
SF : May, Hana, Benjamin
PF : Minimay, Choco, Yoko

TF : Olive, Louis, Denis
SF : Paul, Andy, Connie, Sam
PF : Jimmy, Remmy, Didi

TF : Jasmine, Patrick, Robin
SF : Leila, Minoru, Jaden
PF : Noma, Roa, Fei, Charlie

As you might be aware, the March pre-order period is from Mar 5th to Mar 9th.
We apologize for the short notice and appreciate your kind understanding.

Please feel free to contact us anytime if you have any questions related to this.
Thank you.

Best regards,
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