MF Minimay - open mouth [pre-order]
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As the production for this Alphie will start after full payment confirmation, the lead time for this Alphie will a bit long. The lead time will be about 30 days for no-painting doll and about 60 days for painted dolls.


* MF Minimay - open mouth

Basic Set: Milky Fairy Normal skin No painting head + Fix part & Pocket fairy body

Additional option: body, painting, wig, default outfit, shoes


- Bluefairy or Pure Neemo body is available to select on the head option.
- Body change or deselect of body is available on the body option.
- Female or male type body is available on the painitng option. (Please note the design change will not be possible.)
- Please leave the color info on the memo fields when you order the wig. Without the color info on the memo space, random colors will be delivered.

* The body is compatible with the Pure Nemo XS body in beauty white and kindly understand due to the nature of the hand-made product, the color discrepancy between head and body may exist.

Reference page for the wig style or colors. - click (new browser)

Painting design - Yoenubi / Mass Produce Yoenubi

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