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Lunar fairy Rhea 1st edition
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This is the pre-order item which production will start after closure of order. 
The lead time of this product will be about 40-50 business days (excluding weekends and national holidays) depending on the options. Please make sure to finish the payment within 24 hours after placing orders. Also, since Bluefairy DOES NOT send the Paypal invoice separately, please just send the payment to Bluefairy's account directly for Paypal payment. 
Orders may be cancelled without notice unless we can find the payment within 24 hours. 


- Composition

Skin: Snow White Skin
Head: Lunar Fairy Rhea - 6~7 inch
Eye: 14mm random glass eye
Body: Tiny Fairy Beauty Body - customised neck to fit to the head, (included normal feet/tip-toe)
Make-up: Limited Make-up for the first edition of Rhea - by MANA 
Dress: Limited Dress for the first edition of Rhea - by Moi atelier
Wig: Khaki Brown Heroine (Please note the wig on the photo has been arranged for the photoshoot, and for retail order, the original wig without hairdressing will be sent. )
Shoes: Black Pumps (Basic pumps)

:: Lunar Fairy size

* Height : 42cm
* Head Circumference : 6~7 inch
* Arm Length : 13cm
* Shoulder Width : 7cm
* Bust Size : 17cm
* Waist Size : 14.5cm
* Hip Size : 18.5cm
* Leg Length : 21cm
* Foot Length : 5.5cm
* Ball of Foot : 3cm
* Hand Length : 3.5cm
* Hand Width : 3cm
* Neck Circumference : 6.9cm

Please note any return or refund is not allowed for following reasons:  

:: Color of wig or shoes may change without notice depending on the supply situations. 
:: Due to the handmade circumstances, individual differences on make-up result may exist. 
:: Any direct materials may change without notice depending on the supply situations. 
:: Due to the handmade circumstances, bilateral asymmetry of head and body may exist. 
:: Tiny dots, scratches or parting lines may exist on the surface of dolls. 
:: For skin color, color discrepancies may exist depending on the production time. 
:: Colors may vary depending on your monitor setting.

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