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[Pre-order] Nano Fairy 3rd Edition
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* Nano Fairy 3rd edition * 

Pre-order, we need 40~80 days for make Nano fairy. 

* Basic: Fully Assembled Nano Fairy doll without painting - $98 
* Additional Option 1: Head & Body Painting(2nd ver.) - $35 
* Additional Option 2: Wig(3rd ver.) - $3
* Additional Option 3: Wing - $10
* Additional Option 4: Flower circlet(3rd ver.) - $5

* Sales Method: Pre-order 
* Lead Time: Orders without Painting - within 30 days / Orders including Painting - within 60 days

Please check the 2nd ver. Nano Fairy here.↓

There is crack on Wing for double-sided tape and the tape will be attached on it. 
When the adhesion is getting poor, you can simply cut out the new tape and replace it. 

Detail Size of Nano Fairy (It may vary depending on the ruler or the way of measuring)

Tall : 5cm
Length of Arm : 1.5cm
Shoulder Width : 1.3cm
Bust : 3cm
Waist Circumference : 3cm
Hip Circumference : 3.7cm
Length of Leg  : 1.5cm
Feet : 1cm
Ball Circumference of Foot : 0.5cm
Length of Hand : 0.7cm
Width of Hand : 0.7cm
Neck Circumference : 1.5

Please note any return or refund is not allowed for following reasons:  

:: Final price will be changed according to selection of the option items. 
:: Due to the handmade circumstances, bilateral asymmetry of head and body may exist. 
:: Tiny dots, scratches or parting lines may exist on the surface of dolls. 
:: Basic haircut service will be applied to all products but, due to the handmade circumstances, individual differences may exist. 
:: Due to the handmade circumstances, actual painting result may not be perfectly same with the sample images. 
:: Paints of sample images will be used but the color may vary depending on the concentration ratio.
:: Accessories used for photo shooting will not come with the order. 
:: Color may vary depending on your monitor setting.

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