TF Stiletto Shose parts
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TF Stiletto Shose parts

Tiny Fairy size - Shose parts

These can be used without coloring.

The shoes parts are made with resin.



- Neo body : Stiletto Shoes parts,  Ankle ball parts

- Classic body : Stiletto Shoes parts, Ankle ball parts, Joint fix parts 2pc


:: Due to the nature of the hand-made products, individual differences may exist. ::
:: Deformation or discoloration may be caused by the direct sunlight, high temperature or long hours of pressure. ::
:: 3 business days of lead time needed after payment confirmation. ::
:: Tiny dots, slight scratches or parting lines might exist on the suface of the resin shoes. ::
:: Color discrepancy between same skin color may happen depending on the production time. ::

※ Original color may vary depending on your monitor setting.




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