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Dear customers,

For the fast and smooth production management, Bluefairy restricts the period for doll's orders each month.

The order period of each month is from first Monday (11AM) to the Friday (5PM) in Korean time. If the first Monday is the National holiday in Korea, the order period of the month will be the 2nd week.

Also, available types of doll vary each month. We have different dolls available each month and after the month, the order for the same doll will be available after 3-4 months. Available month is written on each doll's pages, so if you want any particular dolls to order, we recommend you checking the available month in advance.



[January, April, July, October]
TF-May, Emilie, Sarang, Kyle
SF-May, Hana, Benjamin
PF-Minimay, Choco, Yoko

And option parts

[February, May, August, November]

TF-Olive, Louis, Denis

SF-Paul, Andy, Connie, Sam
PF-Jimmy, Remmy, Didi

And option parts

[March, June, September, December]
TF-Jasmine, Patrick, Robin
SF-Leila, Minoru, Jaden
PF-Noma, Roa, Fei, Charlie

And option parts


Thank you and have a lovely day!




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