First edition Sweety
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Please note the production for this item will start after the payment confirmation, so please carefully consider the long lead time before placing the order.

 1st Sweety★ - Twins

Sweety is the first head of the Little Sweet series and it will be delivered with its painting done by the doll painting artist, YEONUBI's hand painting.

2 options are available for the painting option:
Blue Eyes / Green Eyes

Order Method: Preorder/ Production After, Limited Quantities Availalbe (amount of 2 months' hand painting work)

Order Period: from 26th Jan. 11AM, until 31st Jan. 5PM

Shipment Schedule: Full shipment will be made on 31th March, 2017.

Head Set: 1 Painted Head, 1 Parts for Head fixation, 1 Velcro for Wig fixation

Additional Set : Wig, Outfit, Body

- Wig
PF Long Curly
Blue Eyes: Ivory / Green Eyes: Ash Blonde
Please note the the wig color has been selected carefully and will not be changalbe.

- Outfit
Bonnet, Dress, Underskirt, Briefs and Lace Socks (Total 5 items set)

- Body
Bluefairy's Sister body will be compatible with this Sweetie doll.
Color descrepancy between head and body may exist depending on the production time.

- For head only orders, please select the "Not Included" on the body option menu.

** Please note that any exchanges or refunds will not be allowed for following reasons;
※ Only refund will be acceptable due to the nature of limited orders. Any exchanges will not be acceptable.
※ Excessive shocks to the painted head may cause the cracks on the paint coating. Please treat them carefully. 
※ Head cap may not be closed tightly due to the resin contraction at production time.
※ Tiny dots, gate removal marks or parting lines may exist on the surface of dolls.
※ We will match the colors between head and body as much as possible but color discrepancy may happen depending on the production time and sensitive customers might feel the discrepancies.

:: Individual differences exist for painting, wig or outfit due to the nature of handmade products.
:: The outfit set can be changed without notice depending on the stauts of material supply.

* Bilateral symmetry on the head or body may not be perfect due to the nature of handmade products.
* Slight scratches on the surface due to gate removal works may exist by the nature of the cast doll production.
* Line on the head or body, which might look like a crack, is the parting line which is one of the features of cast dolls and Bluefairy will not remove those parting lines.
* Color descrepancy may exist depending on the production time even with the same skin color.

※ Actual color may vary depending on your monitor setting.





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