MF Gretel [pre-order]
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* Milky Fairy 'Gretel'

basic option: Milky Fairy No painting head

additional option: painting

Painting design - Yeonubi / Mass Produce Yeonubi


foot length1.6cm
foot width0.8cm
hand length1.2cm
hand width0.8cm

Please note that this item would need 40~70 business days to be ready depending on the stock status. However, make-up on the photos is not for sale, it is just sample images for photo shoot.

Please make sure that any exchange or refund is not allowed for following reasons;

- Color of wig can be changed without notice depedning on supply status of the wig. 
- Final price can be changed according to the selection of option items. 
- All the raw materials can be changed without notice depending on the supply status. 
- Bilateral symmetry of head or body will not be perfect since all dolls are the handmade products. 
- Tiny dots, scratches or parting lines may exist on the surface of dolls. 
- Color difference even between same colors may happen depending on the production time. 
- Color may vary depending on your monitor setting.




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