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This product is a pre-order product and the prodcution will start after the closure of order.

Lead time of this product is 40 - 50 business days (excluding weekends & public holidays in Korea).

Please make sure to finish the payment by June 10th as any orders of payment overdue will be cancelled without notice. 

* Little Girl Anna 

Anna is a resin doll, which has better body line but less movability. Magnets are used for assembly instead of tension cords.

* Default Set: No painted Anna Head, Body (Normal / Snow White Skin)

* Option : Face painting(1st ver.), Bending leg

Doll design by NAWOL

Painting design & hand painting by YEONUBI

Made by Blue fairy

:: Anna Body size. 

Height : 19.5cm

Head Circumference : 11.5cm

Arm Length : 5cm

Shoulder Width : 3.8cm

Bust Size : 7cm (3.26inch)

Waist Size : 6.5cm (3inch)

Hip Size : 10cm (3.75inch)

Leg Length : 9cm (2.55inch)

Foot Length : 2cm (0.8inch)

Ball of Foot : 1cm(0.4inch)

Hand Length : 1.5cm (0.6inch)

Hand Width : 1.2cm(0.4inch)

Neck Circumference : 3.5cm (1.6inch)

Please note any return or refund is not allowed for following reasons: 

:: Due to the handmade circumstances, individual differences on make-up result may exist. 
:: Final price will be different according to selection of the option items. 
:: Any direct materials may change without notice depending on the supply situations. 
:: Due to the handmade circumstances, bilateral asymmetry of head and body may exist. 
:: Tiny dots, scratches or parting lines may exist on the surface of dolls. 
:: For skin color, color discrepancies may exist depending on the production time. 
:: Colors may vary depending on your monitor setting.
:: Please note that the lead time might be longer than expected depending on the workshop situation. 
:: Please be careful not to lose any magnetic parts when using or storage.





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