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* Lead time : about 75 business days (Baked skin : 85 business days)

This is the pre-order item which production will start after closure of order.



BlueFairy Limited Edition, All of the summer - Emma


* Product Detail

- height : 43 cm

- head type : Emma

- body : TF Neo body (be able to select body type)

- default eyes : BFE Eyes - random color

- wig : Bob curl - random color

- outfit : Hat, Onepiece, Necklace, Panty

- shoes : Platform heel kustom

- parts : Tip-toe

- ETC : Make up, Carriage Bag


Make-up Design by Atelier Oz
Dress Design by Nowhere garden / Mass Produce : Nowhere garden

* order period : 18th June, 2018 Am.11 ~ 20th June, 2018 Pm.5

* payment deadline : 21st June, Pm.5 (based on korean time)

         Please make sure to finish the payment within 24 hours after placing orders.

         Also, since Bluefairy DOES NOT send the Paypal invoice separately,

         please just send the payment to Bluefairy's account directly for Paypal payment. 

         Orders may be cancelled without notice unless we can find the payment within 24 hours.

* shipment schedule : 11th October, 2018 ~

                 Baked skin - 25th October, 2018 ~

--> Please note that the lead time might be longer than expected depending on the working situation. 

Please make sure that any return or refund is not allowed for following reasons: 

----------------------------- Notice ----------------------------

:: Please note that the other heads beside above are not available to order.

:: Please not that sanding work is not possible for Baked skin dolls, so removing the marbling, tiny dots or parting lines, etc on skin is not possible. Also, basic sanding (ex:gate mark removal) will cause inevitable color difference.

:: We need very long production period since we produce each order by it self. Please kindly make sure this point and place the order when you agree with this schedule.

:: Final price can be changed according to selection of option items.

:: Due to the hand made circumstances, there is a possibility of bilateral asymmetry of the head and body of the dolls.

:: Tiny dots, scratches or parting lines may exist on the surface of dolls.

:: Individual differences exist for painting, wig or outfit due to the nature of handmade products.

:: The outfit set can be changed without notice depending on the status of material supply.

* Bilateral symmetry on the head or body may not be perfect due to the nature of handmade products.

* Slight scratches on the surface due to gate removal works may exist by the nature of the cast doll production. 

* Line on the head or body, which might look like a crack, is the parting line which is one of the features of cast dolls and Bluefairy will not remove those parting lines. 

:: Color discrepancy may exist depending on the production time even with the same skin color. 

:: Color may vary depending on your monitor setting.





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