TF May - Closed mouth Ver.
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This product will be manufactured after pre-ordering.

It requires 40 to 90 business days (excluding Saturdays and Sundays, and holidays).


* Because the order quantity is produced, it is not possible to cancel the order after deposit.


Tiny Fairy Limited Edition, TF May - Closed mouth ver.



* Basic Configuration
Make-up head, Assembled body, Outfit set, Wig, Carriage back.



* Selection Configuration

Exclude make-up, Exclude outfit set.  



* Outfit Composition For girls: cat ear headband, dress, underskirt, socks.

For boys: cat ear headband, dress, balloon pants, socks. 



Girls are based on beauty body and boys are based on night body.

For girls, depending on the waist position of the body, the underskirt may be seen more or less.

Please note that there are parts that prevent loose strands instead of overlock on the finishing part of the outfit.



* Wig

For girls: Roulette perm (Made by Honey pot)

For Boys: Banana Cut (Made by Honey pot) 

Only wigs may be delivered separately depending on the Honeypot production schedule.


Thanks to

Sculptor: 인형사 @denes_bjd on twitter

Atelier Oz @atellier_oz on Twitter

Outfit: Design Blue fairy, Mass-produce Laucian

Wig: Honey pot @goldpoohs2 on twitter

* Order period: From 5:00 p.m. on May 3, 2021 to 5:00 p.m. on May 9, 2021

* Scheduled for delivery: To be shipped in the order of confirmation of deposit from October 4, 2021.

--> Please understand that the delivery scheduled date may be delayed depending on the working speed.


The following is not a reason for exchange or refund, so please check before ordering.


:: All of the above products are produced manually and may vary. ::

:: The preparation period for the product is about 40–90 business days after checking the deposit.

:: The line that looks like a crack in the part is the part line characteristic of the cast doll, and the blue pair does not remove the part line.

:: Direct sunlight, exposure to high temperatures, and prolonged pressure can cause deformation and discoloration. Please be careful. ::

:: Skin color varies depending on the time of production, even if it's a skin of the same name.::


※ The above image may vary in color depending on the monitor environment.


** Because delivery dates differ by products so please be advised for your order with the following

* General goods such as outfit, shoes, bags: Delivery starts within 7 business days after payment confirmation.
* Pre-order goods such as outfit, shoes, bags: Delivery starts within 40 business days after payment confirmation.
* Monthly dolls, parts (No make-up): Delivery starts within 40 business days after payment confirmation.
* Monthly dolls, parts (With make-up): Delivery starts within 80 business days after payment confirmation.
* Limited Editions: Delivery starts within 80 business days after payment confirmation.

Saturday, Sunday, and Holidays are not counted as business days.

If you order different products with different delivery dates, the delivery starts according to the latest delivery date of the order.

Please consider that delivery date can differ slightly according to the production team.

Please make sure that any exchange or refund is not allowed for following reasons.

- Color of wig can be changed without notice depedning on supply status of the wig.
- Final price can be changed according to the selection of option items.
- All the raw materials can be changed without notice depending on the supply status.
- Bilateral symmetry of head or body will not be perfect since all dolls are the handmade products.
- Tiny dots, scratches or parting lines may exist on the surface of dolls.
- Color difference even between same colors may happen depending on the production time.
- Color may vary depending on your monitor setting. 




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