BF May 2022
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This is the pre-order item which production will start after closure of order. 

The lead time of this product will be about 40-90 business days (excluding weekends and national holidays) depending on the options.

Please make sure to finish the payment within 24 hours after placing orders. Also, since Bluefairy DOES NOT send the Paypal invoice , please just send the payment to Bluefairy's account directly for Paypal payment.


Orders may be cancelled without notice unless we can find the payment within 24 hours. 



You can select only EMS shipping method because of bulk and weight. 
The shipping cost was set on a head+body basis.
If you purchase only the head, the remaining amount will be returned after delivery. (Paypal or mileage only)

This product is pre-ordered and post-made.

50 to 130 business days (excluding Saturdays and Sundays and holidays) are required depending on the order.


BF May 


* Basic Configuration
No make-up head


* Selection Configuration

Make-up, body, Option parts. Random wig 


You can't designate makeup, and it's done in the artist's free style.

Eyes is not included in the makeup and are not provided separately.
You can select Include or Not Include as an option.


* Thanks to

Sculptor:  人形師 @denes_bjd on twitter

Make-up: Atelier Oz @atellier_oz on Twitter


* Pre-order period / Pre-order period


May 2th, 5pm - May 6th, 5pm. 


* Estimated delivery date / Expected date to be sent 

No make-up - Regular skin from 2022-07-13 and baked skin from 2022-08-10 Send it in the order of deposit.

Include Make-up or Outfit - Regular Skin 2022-09-10, Baked Skin 2022-09-24 Send it in the order of deposit.

* Please read the baked skin before ordering it.

Baked skin changes color when sanding.
It is not esteemed except for a gate that must be sanded (the way the resin flows into the silicon frame).
Therefore, unlike other parts, there must be bright colors and sanding marks.
For this reason, you cannot exchange or refund, so please be aware of this and order.


Sculpt: @denes_bjd on twitter
Make-up: @atelier_oz on twitter
Photo: @sserhna_doll on twitter

* Blue Fairy Neo Girl Body Size

* height : 60cm
* head : 8-9inch
* arm : 17.5cm
* chest : 23.5cm
* waist : 17.3cm
* hip : 28.5cm
* leg : 31cm
* foot : 7cm
* foot width : 3cm
* hand : 4.5cm
* neck : 9.5cm 


** Because delivery dates differ by products so please be advised for your order with the following

* General goods such as outfit, shoes, bags: Delivery starts within 7 business days after payment confirmation.
* Pre-order goods such as outfit, shoes, bags: Delivery starts within 40 business days after payment confirmation.
* Monthly dolls, parts (No make-up): Delivery starts within 40 business days after payment confirmation.
* Monthly dolls, parts (With make-up): Delivery starts within 80 business days after payment confirmation.
* Limited Editions: Delivery starts within 80 business days after payment confirmation.

Saturday, Sunday, and Holidays are not counted as business days.

If you order different products with different delivery dates, the delivery starts according to the latest delivery date of the order.

Please consider that delivery date can differ slightly according to the production team.

Please make sure that any exchange or refund is not allowed for following reasons.

- Color of wig can be changed without notice depedning on supply status of the wig.
- Final price can be changed according to the selection of option items.
- All the raw materials can be changed without notice depending on the supply status.
- Bilateral symmetry of head or body will not be perfect since all dolls are the handmade products.
- Tiny dots, scratches or parting lines may exist on the surface of dolls.
- Color difference even between same colors may happen depending on the production time.
- Color may vary depending on your monitor setting. 




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