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::: Skin : Beauty White Skin  :::

:::  Body : TF Dandy Body, 44cm  :::

:::  Default Eyes : Kanis - Augen P1630 glass doll eyes Turquoise 16mm  :::

:::  Face make-up Design : Executed by Bluefairy Main Artist Xiao with her signature  :::

:::  Outfits : Original Doll Fashion designed in collaboration with FAIRYTALES ( )  :::


::: TF KYLE AT YOUR SERVICE consists of :

-Fully assembled TF Kyle doll with complete face make up/eyelashes + one additional Jerome head with complete face make up/eyelashes

-2 sets of Novelty Kanis glass doll eyes from Germany

-One Wig for Kyle

-Shirt, vest, trousers, neck tie, apron, napkin, shoes


::: Body Option Info ::::

-You can add a fully assembled beauty white skin TF Dandy Body for an additional charge of 230 USD for your Jerome Head.

-When you select additional body option, the fully assembled Jerome will be shipped in a separate box with two cotton padded cushions.

-The optional TF Jerome with assembled Dandy body does not include any additional wig or outfit sets. It will consist only of the head+body.

-TF Kyle and TF Jerome will be packaged and shipped together. We do not send them separately to separate addresses.


※ Shipping starts from January 17th ※

※ Starting from January 2nd, additional shipping charges will apply※

※ There is only a limited quantity and it will be discontinued once it's sold out.

However if there are some cancelled orders, we may update those back in stock ※

※ Denis pictured above isn't included. This sale is for only one doll. ※

※ Color may vary depending on your monitor setting ※

※ Some trimming materials used for the outfit may change without notice ※






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