Song of Sleeping May
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Song of Songs - Sleeping May

:: In each Premium Tiny Fairy set, one sheet of [Premium Make up Service Ticket] is included.

* The ticket will be expired in 2 years and can be used for Make-up After Service for Xia’o Premium Edition doll or One-off Doll. One ticket is valid for only one after service. Though the ticket does not include the shipping fees for Make-up After Service.
(The ticket also can be used for previous Premium doll or One-off doll but the signature of Xia’o must be remained on the back of the head.)

Height : 43 cm

Head Type : Sleeping May

Body Type : Beauty White Skin Girl Body  

Default Eye : Kanis Glass Eyes 16mm

Wig : Straight Ivory

Outfit : Patticoat , Dress , Jumper Skirt , Head Piece

Shoes : Middle Boots Cream

ETC : Makeup, Eyelash, Box, 2 Cushions

Make-up Design , Mass-produce Xia'o / Outfit design , Mess-produce Lovely U

:: Due to the hand made nature of this product, there may be some discrepancy.
:: Color may vary depending on your monitor setting.
:: Please be advised that 25 business days from the payment confirmation
will be required to produce and prepare this product.






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