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* BlueFairy Baked skin Limited Edition, Marine Scout - May

- Height : 43 cm

- Head Type : May

- Body Type : Tiny Fairy Baked skin Blossom Body + Flip-Flop Feet Parts
(normal foot parts are included)

- Default Eyes : Blue fairy Original glass Eyes 16 mm - gray

- Wig : 7-8 inch bob cut - Ivory

- Outfit : Blouse,Skirt, Panty, Hat and Socks

- Shoes : Maryjane Black

- ETC : Makeup, Box, Cushions

Make-up Design by EsteBebe, Mass-produce by EsteBebe

Outfit Design by Marieblossom, Mass-produce by Little Garden

Information about Reservation, Shipment and Payment

* Reservation - We will take email reservation first. Each customer can try to reserve one set of each type of the dolls.

Please send us a seperate email if you want to try more than one type of the dolls.

Please copy and fill out the below form. And send it to our email address;

Above email is only for this limited order. Please send your inquiry to our Q&A board.
Order information email will be sent to each winners.

Please copy from here

Please put the type name you want on the email title.
(For example: 'Marine Scout' Kyle Reservation)

*ID : (Please mark 'X' if you don't have a membership ID.)
*Name :
*Contact Number :
*Address : (Full Address including Zip Code)
*Payment Method : (Please choose one from 'Credit Card', 'Paypal' or 'Bank transfer'.)
*Email Address : (Please avoid the cellphone email address.)
*If you don't win, would you like to be put on the waiting list to buy one, in case of cancellation? : (Please mark between 'Yes' or 'No'.)

*Doll Type : (Each email is only for one doll. Please send us a seperate email by each type. Winners announcement email from Bluefairy will be sent seperately by each type. )

to here.

* Reservation Schedule
From 5:00 PM on June 22nd, 2012 to 5:00 PM on June 29th, 2012 (based on Korean time)

Every customers can buy when the number of applier is less than that of the limited goods. But when the opposite case, winners will be chosen at random from the applier list.

The rest of stock from this event will be updated on our website after the reservation schedule.

* Attention - Case Cancellation

▷ When the email address is the cellphone email address.
▷ When the email has arrived later or earlier than the reservation date.
▷ When the email has been sent to other emails than the specified email.
▷ When there are more than one type at one email. (And duplicated emails, etc.)
▷ When the payment person name is different with the reservation person name.
(e.g. If you are going to send your payment with your any of family member's name, please send the reservation email with the family member's name from the beggining. And please seperate the payment even though customer A and customer B are family members and their shipment address are same each other.)
▷ Please make sure we are not taking the cancellation after winners announcement or the partial cancellation after winning several reservations.

Order Confirmation or winners announcement email will be started to send to every customer from 5:00 PM on July 2nd, 2012.

The announcement email will be sent to each of every customer who has joined this event.
Please let us know through the Q&A board if you can not get the announcement by July 4th, 2012.

* Payment Methods
Credit Card, Paypal, Bank Transfer

* Payment Due
5:00 PM on July 6th, 2012 (No delay accepted)

Please make sure to leave the bank transfer confirmation message on our Q&A board after you send the money through bank transfer. Your order can be cancelled if you don't leave the message. In case we receive your payment after your order has been cancelled due to the lack of the confirmation message, payment will be refunded to you but the wire transfer charge will be deducted from your payment.

Customers who make the payment through Paypal or credit card don't need to leave this message.

* Shipment Schedule :
 Orders will be shipped out 30~35 business days after in order of a payment confirmation.

:: The wigs and outfits are handmade and may have some discrepancy.
:: The doll face make-up may have discrepancy.
:: Outfit materials can be changed without a notice.

:: And regarding the color difference produced when you are doing the sanding work additionally, we don't take any responsibility, so please kindly be notified of this.
:: In case of the baked doll, marbling or very tiny dust can exist. Due to the difficulty of working process, tiny dust is not regarded as a bad product.

** Due to the hand made circumstances, there is a possibility of bilateral asymmetry of the head and body of the dolls. There might be some delicate scratches on the body or no make-up head because only the gate mark will be removed before they are shipped out. On the head or body there is some line that looks like crack, but this line is a parting line, distinctive fefatures of the cast dolls, and Bluefairy does not provide removing service of this parting line. Please be advised that Bluefairy will not accept any return or refund for the reasons we mentioned above.

** Because delivery dates differ by products so please be advised for your order with the following

* General goods such as outfit, shoes, bags: Delivery starts within 7 business days after payment confirmation.
* Pre-order goods such as outfit, shoes, bags: Delivery starts within 40 business days after payment confirmation.
* Monthly dolls, parts (No make-up): Delivery starts within 40 business days after payment confirmation.
* Monthly dolls, parts (With make-up): Delivery starts within 80 business days after payment confirmation.
* Limited Editions: Delivery starts within 80 business days after payment confirmation.

Saturday, Sunday, and Holidays are not counted as business days.

If you order different products with different delivery dates, the delivery starts according to the latest delivery date of the order.

Please consider that delivery date can differ slightly according to the production team.

Please make sure that any exchange or refund is not allowed for following reasons.

- Color of wig can be changed without notice depedning on supply status of the wig.
- Final price can be changed according to the selection of option items.
- All the raw materials can be changed without notice depending on the supply status.
- Bilateral symmetry of head or body will not be perfect since all dolls are the handmade products.
- Tiny dots, scratches or parting lines may exist on the surface of dolls.
- Color difference even between same colors may happen depending on the production time.
- Color may vary depending on your monitor setting. 




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